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Friday, August 31, 2007

hot rollers.


Some time ago now, I was invited to a film premiere. I think it is a reasonable assumption that this was possibly going to be the one and only time I would ever be invited to an event like that -- so I wanted to make the most of my red carpet opportunity. (Or yellow carpet as the case may be -- it was The Simpsons.)

But there was a problem. It was at the 02 out in Greenwich, and it started early. And I was on pitch, so having the afternoon as holiday wasn't an option. I couldn't see any way I could possibly be ready in time.

Until I had a thought.

What if I put my curlers in at about 3.30? I could wear them for a couple of hours, have them out, the curls would be set... and I'd be ready for make-up and a fashion change. Fluff, gloss, glitter, gone.

Of course this would mean wearing curlers in the office. I thought that might be slightly disruptive. So I asked our MD, Anne, whether she would mind.

I would expect nothing less, came the response. I thought as much.

So I asked Mike B, the Client Services Director. And he said, Heather Dee-Land, the only problem I have with that suggestion is that I'm sorry I will be out of the office that afternoon because I'd quite like to witness that.

So, with no one expressing any opposition, I did it. In Penna's City HQ on Gracechurch Street. I got more than a few funny looks. And I even heard someone whisper, do you think she knows she has them in?

But I did my work. I got the job done. Prepared for a pitch with a head full of hot rollers. Presented our conceptualisation looking like a 1950's housewife surprised before 9am. And in the wet July air, I'm sure my gorgeous curls must have lasted all of about 10 minutes (for all my pains) so it was definitely worth it.

The point is: my creative partner Jan has photographic evidence I did this. And she's mentioned with an arched eyebrow that she might like to use that evidence somehow. So before she gets the chance, I thought I'd fall on my samurai sword, here on the PRC blog:

RP accent: Ladies, the quality of your work needn't suffer -- it is possible to be professional in the workplace without sacrificing any of the evening's potential glamour. See how our model here demonstrates the utmost polish and flair whilst presenting the results of an afternoon's conceptualisation to her impressed colleagues!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

spain and ireland

magnets brought back by colleagues who have been to spain and ireland have set a new standard of hideousness:

you can't really tell here, but that fish's eyes are bulging out on springing stalks. but maybe that's because, like us, it is finding that 'lucky irish fairy' truly appalling.


Friday, August 17, 2007


Gill: Where's JR?

Jan: He's off racing a steam train.

Heather: No he's not, his friends are racing a steam train and he is putting up his wife's tent and wrestling with her sleeping bag.

Gill: But what's this steam train thing?

Jan: Well basically, this steam train is going along the track and there are a bunch of people trying to race it to its destination to see if they can get there faster.

Gill: Wow! Do you think the steam train knows?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Gecko Love

After what seemed like an age, Gill is finally back from celebrating her 30th in Ibiza. She's brought us back this gecko to go with Gary's gecko from Mallorca:

Let's hope those things don't figure out how to mate. That would be more tack than anyone could handle.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Apparently, I'm not the only one...

This was sent in from a social worker out in Suffolk.

So even the good doobies nick each other's butter spreads!