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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

Never thought we'd see the sun again but, at last it seems to have shown it's face, even if it did cost us an hour over the weekend. Anyway, we have a bunch of pics for you to look at.

As promised here's another image from Gary's secret santa gift. Surfin' must be sooo easy!

At last we have some updated magnets for you to take in and admire. Brian has recently been to Mauritius, Heather or Leather as we like to call her has been on a Cruise and brought back a hideous looking Pirate. Blair has been skiing along with the rest of the world and Ondine has a fine bust of Nelson Mandella.

JR and Nathan are busy training for this years London Marathon, a result of this is a nasty blister near the heel of JR's foot.
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