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Thursday, May 08, 2008

5-a-side wars

There was a lot of posturing from all over about who was going to win the Evening Standard's Eros cup this year but, guess who ended up on top, yep, you guessed right, Penna. In a fine but one sided final we thrashed the pants off of TMP, ahhhh, (funny, you never hear that) 4-0. Big shouts out for "Hat Trick" Rick and Jon "The Cat" Windeatt the 2 best performances of the final (the only 2 with any energy left by the sounds of things).

May Calendar picture to come.
Some of us are very busy!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

An Ode to Nathan

This morning Chris Moyles did his own cover of American Boy.

It's deffo worth a listen, cos, 'e be arr zomerzet boy, arr zomerset boooy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New PRC member

Name: Bump Ryan
Age: -5 months and counting
Size and Weight: approximately banana sized and weight, but growing!!
Sign: Should be Libra
Favourite Hobby: Swimming
Favourite Food: Apple (of course), melted butter on crusty bread (says mum).
Favourite Drink: Orange, freshly squeezed.
Doesn't like: The Sun, being poked, sneezing.
Favourite Time: Bath time.
Favourite TV: Sex and the city (feet up and melted butter on crusty bread)
Favourit Tune: Reflex (Duran Duran).

Metro wars

We've had some competitions in our time but, Jon brought on a whole new era when he joined us. Jon a veteran of reply letters to the Metro (Free Newspaper) has thrown down the challenge to Lex and anyone else who thinks they're hard enough, to come up with puns or Cernuschi-isms from following days stories. Anyway Lex today had his first success, even though it did appear just under Jon's.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

Never thought we'd see the sun again but, at last it seems to have shown it's face, even if it did cost us an hour over the weekend. Anyway, we have a bunch of pics for you to look at.

As promised here's another image from Gary's secret santa gift. Surfin' must be sooo easy!

At last we have some updated magnets for you to take in and admire. Brian has recently been to Mauritius, Heather or Leather as we like to call her has been on a Cruise and brought back a hideous looking Pirate. Blair has been skiing along with the rest of the world and Ondine has a fine bust of Nelson Mandella.

JR and Nathan are busy training for this years London Marathon, a result of this is a nasty blister near the heel of JR's foot.
Please support these 2 guys and their charities by visiting and playing a fun game at

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March, apparently "This is the Dog's...!"

Apologies for my tardiness to Jan and anyone else who has been waiting for our calendar.
Better late than never.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Marathon money maker

JR and Nathan are running in the London Marathon this year and to raise money for their separate causes they are running a few small money making days. On Valentines day we had a Raffle for Cuff Links, a Pink Tie, Pink Champagne and Posh Chocolates, and also a guess how many Love Hearts in a jar competition, the winner of which won the Jar of Love Heart sweets and posh chocolates. The PRC winners of the Raffle and the How many Love Hearts in a jar competition were:

Mike "the cuff" Burgneay,

Sarah "Poo" Martin in the Raffle and

Jon "Windy" Windeatt in the How Many competition.

JR and Nathan raised £89.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Ahhhh February

January was a very busy month, so as you can see the blog was very light.
Hopefully we'll get a few posts in this month, and we'll start with the promised picture from Gary's most treasured possession.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Meet our new mum!

Sarah is the poor unfortunate that has come to care for us, and what a job she's doing!
Think of her as a modern day Mary Poppins, looking after her new naughty children.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


This is January from Gary's Sporty Westies calendar. You'll have to wait a whole 29 days for the next instalment.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa's dirty little secrets

Season's greetings Everyone!

We've been darn busy - so Penna's blue-haired stepchild has been out of sorts. But our New Year's Resolution is to make sure we keep you bang up to date with all the latest creative gossip next year.

Before we get to the weird and wonderful antics of our night out, we must first pay tribute to our very own KT (pictured on the right here, next to Anne). KT is our PA. She is our rock, our sail through stormy seas and our mum. And she's leaving us today to work closer to her home in sunny Gloucestershire. We're going to be lost without her but luckily she's left lots of notes on the fridge telling us what to do in case of an emergency. Her parting will end a 10-year working relationship with Anne and we will miss her greatly. We wish her all the best for her future.


It's that time of year for lists. List to Santa, Christmas card list, New Year resolution list, listing at the bar before falling over...

Here's our list of what everyone got in the Secret Santa this year. Stick with it to the end, there's a real doozy in there and we'll be featuring it every month next year.

Raphael - A beautiful Cath Kidston make-up bag
Blair - A compact mirror
Neil - An Adidas sponsored Porche (about 5 inches long - but an auotmatic)
KT - "1000 Places to See Before You Die"
Ondine - A pantone mug (ref:2583 C)
Heather Staff - Another pantone mug!
Mike - A book of "Weird Wills and Eccentric Last Wishes"
Heather Saunders - some lime and grapefruit scented orbs and a big tub of popcorn
Nathan - Build your own Stonehenge - which he did this morning
Brian - 'The Little Book of Chelsea' (the football club not the area on London!)
Rebecca - Yummy handmade white chocolates
JR - First Aid kit, heat pads, freeze cream, chocolate bars. Handy for the marathon 
Gill - A book called "Everyone Worth Knowing"
Lex - A frog shower cap
Anne - a large glass bauble with a fairy princess whose dress changes colour. Even more magical when the lights are out.

GARY: A 2008 calendar featuring various surfing, water-skiing and wind-surfing West Highland Terriers

We'll put every month's "Wet Westie" on the blog every month so you can marvel at one of Nature's little miracles.

Secret Santa also managed to capture this strange figure at PRC's Xmas party. Do you know this man? Someone said it was Gary but I don't believe them.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

JR's Running the London Marathon Next Year!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Production Boldly goes...


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Creme Caramel Challenge

Here’s a game for your next Christmas party or in fact any quietish day of the week. Take a pack of Creme caramels on offer from your nearest Tesco Metro, at least three people willing to challenge anybody for anything (easy in our office) and you have yourself the creme caramel challenge. The object on the game is to suck up the creme caramel in one go leaving nothing or as near to nothing as you can on the plate. The three contestants here are Nathan (founder of the challenge), Gill and myself. I think you’ll agree who has the biggest mouth here.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Gambling with the shopping

It's often the case that you'll find the odd disgarded shopping list when you pick up a basket from the front of the supermarket, but this one raises more questions than it answers. I can see the owner of this list sitting on a stool in a William Hill betting shop, after watching their horse fall at the first fence at the Epsom 3.30, hurriedly compling this extensive menagerie of culinary delights, lest they forget the wife's favourite tipple or that brand of chocolate she loves.