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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Rocky Horror Show

I'd never seen Rocky Horror before. I know, I know, I know. But it's got cross dressing, you say. Corsetry! General over-the-top-ness! 'It's right up your street DeLand I can't believe you of all people have never seen it' -- etc, etc. OK I've heard it all already, guys. Is there anyone on the planet who's never seen Rocky Horror? Yes there is. Me.

JR suggested we make a company outing to go and see it. Nice. Admittedly it was niche -- we probably would have had a bigger turn out if we'd just gone down the pub. But you can't say it's not fun drinking large glasses of house white at the interval and then ogling the crowd's outfits with your colleagues after the show.

So I came up to speed with the whole thing at the Wimbledon Theatre last week. Teenage girls in fishnets. People shouting things at the stage. Visible stocking tops. Let's do the time warp again. I'm gathering that I wasn't supposed to yell 'yes!' when Brad asked nervously, hey, do you guys know the Madison? From what I could tell, that might have been slightly outside the regularly scheduled cult heckling. But overall, I think I get it.

And now all that remains to be revealed... is it wrong to come away with a huge crush on the transvestite?