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Thursday, January 18, 2007

tackies of the caribbean

Lex went to Grenada. And brought us back this, which is actually made of rubber:

He informs us there are not even any parrots in that country. But there you are. No one said that tourist merchandisers took pragmatism into consideration when they put together their new season of material.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It doesn't get any better than this. (Until the CIPDs.)

Park Lane. Black cab. The most ludicrous chandeliers known to man. Waiters with white gloves pouring out endless champagne. Lush multimedia screens. 2007 RAD Awards. Looks like the fledgling agency full of renegades, upstarts and recruitment comms outlaws done good this year.

And it's all down to some defiant ants.

Winning is a bit like this: Johnny 'Non-PC Humourist' Vaughan read out the nominations for our category. I thought all my life systems were going to freeze with anticipation and wishing. I couldn't move or breathe. He took FOREVER reading out the result, sorta like a dad tormenting the kids on Christmas day and not letting them open their presents. And then. It was us. It was PRC!!

And I'm on the chair and I'm trying to film and ooh these heels are very high and this isn't ladylike hang on there whoa nelly don't fall over and there's our Raph going onstage, onStage no WAY, and she's got a big gold statue in her hand for our company and oh my god really really can I yell any louder, we did it, we had a small budget and a space just big enough for some ants and we're brand new and we took big risks to form this company and the other guys had millions while we just had our brains and some marker pens and a brave client but we did it we did it we did it and oooh look here comes the statue to OUR TABLE and that's our ad on the big screen, that's us!!!!

Winning is like that. Except without any punctuation, squealed at the top of your lungs while balancing on a posh chair in strappy shoes.

It's like leaping into the lap of your creative director even though you have a very neurotic, very strict no touching policy. And wondering how on EARTH he managed to serve on the judging panel, know the result, and totally keep it under wraps for two months. Mental note: do not play poker against Jonathan Richards.

Winning is also a lot like taking the wrong bus from Marble Arch while your art director does the sensible thing and gets a taxi, but you are trying to be like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she says 'I like the bus', and then missing the stop and having to walk back from the wrong side of Big Ben at 3am, then coming into work the next morning even though it's your day off in the hopes of starting a conga line with the award.

We all had such a good time. Let's do it again next year.