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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Belly Shame!

It's tough working under these conditions.

JR the Creative Director has some kind of thing with getting his abdomen out... perhaps he is just trying to prove that he's been working very hard at brainstorms -- which in his case require full English breakfasts. Or maybe he is just trying to show us that it is possible for men to look slightly pregnant if they dedicate themselves heartily enough to the consumption of lager and the steadfast avoidance of too much exercise.

Now to be honest, I myself still have a bit of a 'pitch belly' from the past-midnight working hours a couple of weeks ago and all that quiche Nath brought in. But the difference between me & JR is that I know when to keep it Put Away. Actually, maybe he is getting his belly out to divert the attention from mine. In which case I should be appreciating the professional chivalry of his ponch cultivation.

But it's mentally disturbing. I think I've even had bad dreams about it. So I told him that if he showed it one more time in the office I was going to post it on the blog.

Following a very over the top belly exposing session just prior to going out to do some serious brainstorming for Ernst & Young, I have decided to make good on the threat.

Meaning, my boss is out working hard to bring home solutions for a client, and I am using my lunch break to post pictures of his belly on the internet.

I bet you have never been so grateful for a fern in all your life.

Friday, September 22, 2006

B's wedding

Better late than never posting a picture of the gorgeous bride & groom. Lots of PRC people were there at the pretty country club in Kent, drinking bubbly with raspberries in.

I went to two weddings that weekend (and my wedding date went to 3!) and we reckon B & Andy took the prize for best cakes (oh good lord, the walnut thingys) and best speeches -- delivered in poetry by two small children.

They did manage to get off to their honeymoon... via the hospital where B ended up with a nasty case of strep throat. In typical B form, not stopping at anything to get things done, she reports she did actually consider putting her wedding dress back on in order to ease her way through the NHS process. Mercenary little pixie! As it happened she didn't go quite that far, but she did make a very good effort to ensure everyone knew she was a bride.

Glad Missus Holden's on our side.

Congratulations you two.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


when you're in a six hour brainstorm, things can get a bit weird.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

PRC needs...

apparently if you go to google and put your name in followed by 'needs' you'll find out what it is you're really missing out on. here is what PRC needs:

Brian needs to set the record straight
Mike needs your help in identifying a movie
Heather needs two therapists
Anne needs this yesterday
Raph needs to get paid
Nathan needs some huggies
KT needs to work out a contingency plan
Belinda needs to be patient because at any time she could be deployed
Jane needs a vacation (that’s good, she’s on one now)
Gill needs to be knowledgeable about the project and the impact
Gary needs a lot of love and a mother’s faith
Jan needs to talk to Lance
Lex needs to be able to actually *tell* his innermost thoughts and fears honestly to someone
Jonathan needs a haircut
Heather needs to start wearing a brassiere
Neil needs a new liver and kidney
Ondine needs a thorough cleaning as barnacles and algae tarnish areas of her exterior